Elite Dairy Industrial Additives

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About Us

Eldia  is a reliable supplier of milk based ingredients on the world market. Our success stems from over twenty years  of experience in the business and the desire to break new grounds to the benefit of customers.

We are working with clients as tactical and strategic partners, drawing upon the professional dairy knowledge of Eldia  to create and execute innovative, customized dairy solutions that address our clients’ most expected needs.

We provide a full range of products, including tailor-made dairy ingredient solutions for all sectors of food industry: Confectionery, Bakery, Dairy, Ice cream, Food concentrates, Animal feed, etc. Thanks to our strong partners like  “LACTOLAND” member of the Kruger Group and other premium manufacturers with especially  EU, Australian and New Zealand products the company boοasts strong market and brand positions globally. We are  especially active in South East Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Specialists at Eldia have been given the task of creating unique and revolutionary solutions.

This approach applies not just to the products offered , but also to our technical support, which is the key to our relationship with customers. Thanks to this, food industry factories choose us as their partner. A combination of reliability , flexibility and very high quality  is the foundation of Eldia.


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